Managing Innovation: What Ideality does - 

History has shown that the best way to deal with a recession is to innovate out of it.  Smart companies grow by developing new products and services that fit customer needs better.  They engage with others to collaborate creatively, constantly challenge assumptions, and remodel and streamline their businesses.   The best innovating organisations generate multiple ideas and are prepared to fail often.  These are the organisations that grasp the opportunities and outrun the competition.


Innovation is about change.  Change is risky.  It is concerned with entering the gaps between; the ‘white spaces’.  It is initially concerned with qualitative considerations rather than quantitative – more difficult to measure, more difficult to define in round numbers.  It seems uncertain.Change gear now2

Innovation needs to be structured like any other business function.  However in many organisations innovation is episodic, disruptive.   But to move forward innovation needs to be treated as a business function like any other.  It needs to become part of corporate culture.cogsIdeality was established in recognition that a systematic approach to innovation, developing and embedding repeatable processes and skills, is essential in the future business management ‘mix’.  Ideality works with teams in organisations to remove the ‘fuzziness’ around innovation; to make innovation a systematic, inclusive, and repeatable, ‘normal’ business process.Perfect mixIdeality developed its ACTOR® process to help organisations develop ideas systematically, lots of them, and to assemble them into potential innovation projects.

ActorsOften companies have identified gaps and conceived solutions for a range of technology and new product development opportunities, but need a systematic and rapid means of evaluating and ranking projects to optimise investment and effort, and reduce the risk of ‘false starts’.  They need a regular means of developing a business case which is formalised, repeatable, easy to process, understand and present, and produces an audit trail or diligence report to underpin investment decisions.  Thus Ideality has also developed a complementary two-part process called BARTM, to help review potential projects against formal business success criteria.

Stage gate Having identified an area worthy of further investigation to prove validity for more significant investment, managing this variable ‘proof of concept’ stage is inherently difficult.  Traditional project management techniques are based on the accurate predictability of outcomes from inputs.  In essence the challenge here is to manage the unknown.  Ideality has developed its PocManTM tool to address this often difficult and frustrating stage in a project’s journey to commercial reality.JengaIdeality's systematic innovation tools are 'tuned' to each organisations specific requirements, and can be installed for operation by internal teams independently, supported by Ideality as required.Tuning forkMoving further along the innovation roadmap Ideality has close working relationships with a range of Associate organisation each of whom can provide further elements towards successful innovation. This expertise includes market research, engineering and human factors design, product development and prototyping, IP and intellectual asset management, and commercialisation.  Thus together we provide a complete pathway from the desire to innovate through to results in the marketplace.

"The essential part of creativity is not being afraid to fail."
Edwin H. Land