ACTOR saving costs


Ideality's ACTOR® programme has been very successfuly applied to help take costs out of business.  In these tough times, cost reduction is a priority to almost every business and organisation.  ACTOR® can achieve this in a very systematic and structured manner, by focussing the team upon their intimate knowledge and understanding of what makes the business tick. ACTOR® is a very effective catalyst to harness team creativity and team intelligence towards today's major issue.  A version of ACTOR® has been prepared to concentrate exclusively upon costs, further reducing the collective team time away from pressing operational matters.

More Innovation is Winning Through

Ideality, as part of the Innovation for Success consortium, has been reappointed by Scottish Enterprise to continue delivering innovation workshops for a third year.

Innovating nuclear decommissioning

Ideality recently ran a pilot project with a nuclear power station which is moving from the defuelling phase to the full decommissioning phase of its lifecycle. Successful innovation will help deliver a successful decommissioning programme.

Water record

Ideality and 4C Engineering have assisted Kelda Water Services to capture hundreds of site record drawings digitally.

Engineering innovation

4c Engineering established in Aberdeen

Wellness and Health Innovation

Ideality has recently been appointed to run the Wellness and Health Innovation Project in north-east Scotland

London calling!

London pilot innovation project