Consultancy, research and training

As well as developing and deploying its unique innovation management tools, to meet the ongoing needs of customers, Ideality provides support on a consultancy basis across the broad field of innovation, designed in conjunction with clients to meet their individual needs precisely.

Tech transfer Technology transfer
Ideality has many years of experience in helping clients transfer technology from one area to another; across industry sectors, national borders, between separate companies and from research and academic institutions to commercial organisations.  As well as our own in-house expertise we can draw upon a range of associate experts in specialist fields such as intellectual property, detailed technical design and computation, market research, human factors, legal and financial.Business casePreparing the business case

Innovation is all about success in the market place.  In order to achieve that success a robust business case is needed in order to unlock the resources, human, financial and material, required.  Ideality has decades of experience in helping to assemble numerous successful business cases with clients, covering all the main areas of the project plan.  In addition Ideality can assist in the preparation and rehearsal for meetings and presentations to promote the business case.

FundingFunding and award applications
With many years of experience of working on both sides of project funding proposals Ideality recognises that preparing a successful case can be a real problem for many companies.  Funding applications, and indeed award applications, almost always need to be subtly designed to meet the particular expectations of the ‘target’ recipient.  We can help prepare applications, based on a sound business case, which are designed to address the particular criteria of the receiving party.

Business research

Business research
Ideality has carried out a wide variety of business research assignments over the years, covering both secondary research utilising existing sources and primary research involving the collection of new data.  Recent examples of the former include research into the changing economic attractiveness of sourcing components from different countries and continents, and of the latter into the provision of a facilities management service in the most competitive region of the UK.

Outcome reportsOutcome reports    
Often there is a requirement to account formally and in detail beyond financial reporting, for the commercial and economic outcome for funding received, internally or externally, for a project or programme.  The provision of a satisfactory outcome report is often a prerequisite to follow-on funding.  Ideality has considerable experience of analysing beyond financial analysis, and preparing reports on the wider outcomes from projects and programmes.

EventsInnovation events and missions
Ideality has actively participated, and led, in the design, promotion, administration and delivery of a variety of innovation-focussed events and targeted business missions, locally, nationally and internationally.  Smaller events we handle in-house, and with larger events we involve the skills and resources of experienced associates. 

Skills trainingInnovation skills training
Linked to its innovation consultancy and product development expertise Ideality has run many training programmes within organisations and across groups of organisations.  These have included creativity utilising Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT) as an idea generation tool, project management with a particular focus on managing the much-less-definable ‘proof of concept’ stage in a project’s life, and in preparing the business case following from which come funding or award applications.  In each case training is focussed on real-life scenarios, particularly with in-house assignments.

Ideality can bring a wealth of knowledge and experience across a wide variety of industry sectors and countries to bear upon client issues, and is networked with a range of experience associates with complementary expertise upon which to draw to ensure that clients' needs are delivered in full.

It doesn’t matter how new an idea is: what matters is how new it becomes.
Elias Canetti