Systematic Innovation Management

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At the ‘front-end’ of our unique Systematic Innovation Management (SIM)TM process is ACTOR®.  ACTOR® ‘deep mines’ the locked away collective team knowledge, thus minimising the risk of ‘false starts’, and helping organisations to become more effective innovators, for new products, product refinements, process and service enhancements, and new, sustainable, business models.  (ACTOR® incorporates the acclaimed Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT) ideas generation process, itself a derivative of TRIZ - “Theory of Inventive Problem Solving” developed in Russia from the 1940s.)ACTOR

Our BARTM tools have been developed for ranking a range of projects at the early stages of consideration, as a ‘slide rule’ approach, rather than an exhaustive granular investigation.  They are rapid to prepare, repeatable, easy to process, easy to present, and provides an early indication of the return potential for innovation projects at minimal cost, thus significantly reducing the risk of ‘false starts’ by investing further time and effort in detailed investigation of ultimately sub-optimal projects.

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BARTM1 provides the framework, tuned to the company’s specific policies, for the team to carry out an initial rapid commercial appraisal of each potential project opportunity, ranked in order of attractiveness, and for which is generated an outline business case, before any more precious time or resources have been committed.

Jigsaw piecesPotentially attractive concepts need to be proven before committing to capital investment.  This is the stage where uncertainties abound but must be reduced.  Standard project management techniques are based on known certainties and a degree of precision which make them inappropriate for this stage of a potential development’s life.  PocManTM manages projects through the ‘proof of concept’ stage by maximising the deployment of available resources flexibly, through dynamic budget management and tracking and re-allocating time and money sub-budgets simultaneously, thus steering this often imprecise stage to a balanced conclusion.

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Following a positive proof of concept outcome, a full diligence case for recommended projects is prepared using our BARTM2 methodology, tailored to individual organisational needs.  This involves a rapid team-based review on our prepared template which creates the portfolio of evidence of estimates and projections, and prepares the balanced business case for presentation and approval of development investment.  

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Ideality’s complementary suite of tools, ACTOR®, BARTM1, PocManTM and BARTM2, which can be deployed separately or as a progressive system, are delivered rapidly and flexibly using web-based interfaces to minimise management ‘down-time’, and to speed up the creative process systematically to the point of the decision to invest capital, thus providing clarity, removing uncertainty and reducing commercial risks.


Organisations, through adopting Ideality’s systematic approach, can embed this innovation tool-set as a normal business process in-house, to reduce risk, increase creative opportunities rapidly and repeatedly, and achieve bottom-line results, time and time again.
ACTOR® UK Registered Trade Mark No. 2483845 is the property of Ideality Ltd.

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