Ingenious Britain

In the report Dyson states that ‘we need to move away from fixed policy notions about innovation occurring only in universities and being financed solely by venture capital.  Instead the focus must be spurring enterprise and innovation to develop the next generation of wealth creators - high tech companies and entrepreneurs, across all sectors’ and that ‘.............. government should ensure that the right incentives exist for our financial system to fund investment in innovation’, also ‘ put in place the right incentives for UK companies to invest more in research and innovation.’  See - Ingenious Britain 

Plan I

The case for innovation-led growth

Rebalancing Act

The recently published NESTA (National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts) report ‘Rebalancing Act’ (June 2010) clarifies the choices available for rebuilding the UK the economy.

Ingenious Britain

Sir James Dyson’s recent report – ‘Ingenious Britain’ – highlights the need for a much more pluralistic approach to nurturing innovation than has traditionally existed in the UK.

Leadership and Innovation

One of McKinsey Top Ten articles from 2008

Innovation metrics

McKinsey global study

Customer World

Another Peter Fisk article, looking at things from a customer perspective

Seeing things differently

Peter Fisk article on how companies must approach business in different ways in this rapidly changing environment

Hidden Innovation

A report on Hidden Innovation by NESTA detailing how innovation happens in six low innovation sectors

Harvard Business Review on SIT

At the heart of Ideality’s ACTOR process is a great idea generation tool called Systematic Inventive Thinking.