Making Ideas Happen Ideality

Securing future success

Ideality is about innovation.  Innovation flows from the generation of ideas to the realisation of a successful end result.  Present achievements have only arrived through past innovation.  Innovation is the key to the future.

Ideality has been in the innovation business for many years and has developed a modular approach, called

Systematic Innovation Management (SIM)TM

which can help you navigate the innovation trail from idea generation to the decision to commercialise.  We also carry out consultancy, research and training.

Ideality teams with specialist associate companies to take your innovation projects forward through detailed design, prototyping and testing, to market launch.

Ideality works with many different companies and organisations, large and small, to help remove the fuzziness from their innovation activities and to adopt an easy-to-learn, repeatable, methodology tailored to their individual needs, appropriate for products, process, service, and business model innovation.

Our experience covers:

Industry sectors                Expertise    
Engineering                         Facilitation
Manufacturing                     Project Management
Oil & Gas                            Consultancy
Offshore                              Engineering
Marine Renewables            Research
Nuclear                               Marketing
Electronics                          Financial Appraisal
Software                             Training
Instrumentation                   Business Planning
Health                                 Technology Transfer
Consumer                            Events and Missions
Charities                              Report Writing

Contact Ideality to discuss how we can help you innovate more quickly, more systematically, and more often, with confidence for the future.

Innovation is about change. The workshops gave me the opportunity to evaluate my business and what I wanted from it and to show me that I could change
Clare McLeod, Intermezzo Art